Rental Policy & Procedure

Rental Policies


Anyone who plans on driving one of our vans must have his or her own personal auto insurance, or be listed on a general liability policy with an auto provision. We must see proof of insurance for all drivers before we can release the van. If you do not have a personal auto policy or you are not from the US, please contact us for more information. We regularly answer insurance related inquiries and can point you in the right direction.

Driving Age

You must be 25 or older to rent a van from us.


  • We require 30% of the total rental fee upfront to reserve the van. This fee is non-refundable and is due before you can take the van.
  • The remaining balance is due when you return the van. If the balance is not paid in full at the end of the rental, a late fee of $10 per day will be assessed until the balance is paid.
  • We accept cash, check, credit card & Paypal.
  • We also require a credit card number on file in case of damages and other incidentals.

Pickup, drop-off, off-site deliveries and one-way van rentals

We are very accommodating when it comes to getting a van to you. Here’re your options:

East Coast/Philadelphia Location

Our primary pickup location is at our office in Philadelphia, PA

West Coast Location

We have a brand new hub in Huntington Beach, California. Please contact us if you’re interested in a van rental in California

If it is not possible for you to get to our main office or require an airport pickup, please let us know and we’ll accommodate you. We’ll also deliver or pickup the van anywhere in the United States. Contact us for delivery fees and one-way rental fees.


We do allow you to tow your own trailer or rent one of ours. If you wish to tow a trailer, you do so at your own risk. We always recommend bands try to tour without a trailer if possible, but we understand if you need the extra space. Please note that in the event of a serious breakdown that requires a replacement van, we will try our best to replace it with one of ours. However, if we cannot, it is unlikely that we’ll be able to rent you a van that you can tow your trailer with.

Oil Change and Maintenance Policy

We pay for all oil changes, safety inspections, vehicle repairs and all other approved services on the road. Even though we pay for it, it is your responsibility to make sure you bring the van in for an oil change at the appropriate mileage. Regular oil changes must be performed every 4,000 miles. Submit your receipts to us at the end of the rental and we’ll reimburse you for all maintenance expenses. If you exceed the required oil change mileage you will be charged $0.50 for every mile over the limit.

For exceptionally long tours, you may be required to bring the van to a shop for additional maintenance. If necessary, we can help schedule a service appointment at a trustworthy shop — and, of course — we’ll reimburse you for all service performed. Please let us know before you bring our van to a shop for anything other than an oil change. We must approve any service before it is performed.


In the rare event of a breakdown we’ll take care of you. Please call us and let us know the minute you are experiencing a vehicle problem. We’ll do our best to assess the situation and get you back on the road as soon as possible. We cover all expenses associated with a van breakdown, including any towing charges, repair costs and if the breakdown requires you to stay overnight we’ll cover up to two hotel rooms for the band. If the repair will take more than two days to complete, we’ll either rush you one of our vans or source a van from another rental company if possible.

We are not liable for any downtime or lost revenue due to any issues with our vehicle.

Rental Procedure

  1. Get a quote.
  2. Contact Andy to make your reservation.
  3. We require 30% of the total van rental fee to make any reservation. We also require a credit card on file for incidentals. The 30% Reservation fee is non-refundable.
  4. We’ll need driver information for your rental contract — We prefer that you scan and email copies of the licenses of all drivers in advance to speed up the process — but if this isn’t possible, please bring the licenses or photocopies at the time of pickup.
    • All drivers do not need to be present at pickup, but we do need all of their information.
    • All drivers must be age 25 or older.
  5. All drivers are required to carry their own personal auto insurance. Please supply us with proof of insurance for all drivers. This can be as simple as a scan or photocopy of any current insurance policy with the driver’s name on it. This is the most important part of the rental process. We can’t release the van unless we have proof of insurance for every driver. If you don’t have insurance, you can’t drive. If you’re traveling to the US from another country, you’ll need to get a temporary non-owners policy, or get added to a personal policy in the United States. Please contact us for more info on this. We realize insurance gets a little complicated, so please ask if you have any questions — we can direct you to the right resources.
  6. Once your reservation is confirmed, we’ll coordinate the van pickup at our office or at an offsite delivery.
  7. Payment of the remaining balance is due when you return the van.

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