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Our most important goal is to keep our van rental rates low for touring bands without compromising on safety and reliability. That tends to be a tough goal to meet, but we’re creative guys with a persistent desire to solve problems like this.

We created a program that gives sponsor companies the opportunity to advertise on our vans, helping to keep our rental rates low for touring bands. Our sponsors are very pleased with the results they have seen with the program, and bands have had the opportunity to connect and build great relationships with our sponsors.

If you choose to travel in one of our wrapped vans you’ll benefit from a much lower rental rate. Contact us for more information on the program, or get a quote and be sure to let us know you’d be interested in taking a sponsored van.

* Availability of these vans is limited, so please book early!

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact alan@rentgreenvans.com.

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Sponsor testimonials

  • “We at Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers found the Greenvans sponsor program to be the best price per pound marketing available. Greenvans did an excellent job on creating an outstanding looking van and went way beyond our expectations in getting the van across the country.”

    -Orin Portnoy,
    Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
    Jensen Musical Instrument Speakers

  • “If you are looking for a professional and dependable van rental company, then Greenvans is your only option … We have partnered with them for a number of events to help market and build brand images for both companies. In today’s economy it’s important to get the most bang for your buck and I have found Greenvans to be very rewarding.”

    -Chris Walters,
    Artist Relations/Marketing,
    GHS Strings

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The Greenvans fleet is designed with touring bands in mind, but we can accommodate any large group looking for a passenger van rental. read more»

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